Biography written by the writter Manuel Froger

So much to write (at once)

Y de l’Avouillette was destined to be a painter one day. It is not that he was somehow genetically programmed to do so, but his quest of curiosity, his love of people, and his power of observation could only push him towards his placing on canvas all of his emotions, his sensations and in one word, his “passion”.

His thirst for life and his curiosity were to push him to take on different professions, from the world of the shoe industry to that of coiffure, finishing in the area of education and personal development.

From this course, he has acquired a profound sense of humanity, a fierce determination to approach people, to enter into a dialogue with them to gain a better understanding of them and their everyday life.

He has a deep-centred fascination for inventers, and in general, for all those who see the world differently. Friendship is not a word used in vane by this man who displays an eternal optimism in all circumstances. Spontaneous and thorough, his effect is to leave no person indifferent.

It is impossible to talk about his sources of inspiration as they are so numerous : a meeting, a place, a sound, anything is likely to set his mind in motion, a blissful compulsion, which will never have the time to set all his sensory plans in concrete. Music, sport, gastronomy, travelling can also be the occasion for a new project to emerge, to set a new idea in motion, or perhaps to add to the long list of as yet unfulfilled urges.

In his past, Y de l’Avouillette sketched numerous faces with a simple crayon. Today, with his maturity, he makes an impression with his mastery of painting in acrylics, served by his abundant intuition, in abstract tableaux where at times his figurative past shows through.
Then the moment came in 2001, he was participating in a day of painting, his brand new easel timidly installed on the banks of the Loire on the advice of a painting friend…
He was yet to know that this place has just set in motion the greatest adventure of his life, and that this will take him to introspective regions little explored up to this point. It is, without doubt, this course of initiation and this knowledge of different techniques which allows Y de l’Avouillette to have a clear and precise vision of an aesthetic quality and the ability to impregnate each of his works with it.

Whenever you speak with Y de l’Avouillette, he will explain to you that painting is for him a mode of expression, of escape, and of sharing…..Could he say otherwise?
The truth comes above all from the moths of those who have seen one of his exhibitions or bought one of his paintings. To possess a tableau of Y de l’Avouillette is not to simply acquire one of his works, it is to take on a little of himself. Indeed you will find in his work the slightest trace of existentialism, the tiniest political message, some sort of traumatic anxiety…..His creative impulse, highly decorative, is there to structure his canvas in audacious compositions, tinged with oxymorons , with coloured reminiscences, and the spectator is inevitably transported between dream and reality.

The painting of Y de l’Avouillette is extremely physical, spontaneous, dictated by his instinct and his passion…. Nonetheless, it is not uncommon that, in order to satisfy the wishes of a purchaser and perfect his pleasure, he will propose to lighten a canvas or to add this or that element of material or of shape. Y de l’Avouillette wishes to give pleasure and quite simply to make people happy.

Y de l’Avouillette exhibits regularely. Don’t hesitate to approach him. More than discovering his universe and his works , it surely will be a remarkable meeting that you will never forget.